Strange Alliance

An Explosion Rocks the Mountains

What has become of the Strange Alliance?

“Shut the door, NOW!”

Mataron was caught between his desire to smash the oncoming enemies and the bard’s insistent plea. However, as soon as Peanut rushed to his side and began to push the heavy stone door, the dragonborn put aside his thirst for battle and aided his teammate. As the ancient dwarven door slammed in the face of the oncoming spined devils and Duergar, the group was plunged into darkness.

“Well, what now?” Brund murmured.

“Guide my hammer Moradin!”

Bazdal appealed to the God of the Forge as he swung his hammer in a vicious arc, slamming into seemingly countless myconids. Although his faith was well rewarded with a massive surge of energy, his companions Cagan and Brandis were bloodied and surrounded. However, before he could heft his hammer to come to their aid, a deafening rumble and a violent tremor tore through the North Mine.

The myconids skittered away into the recesses of the cave as large chunks of rock fell from the ceiling and deep cracks began to appear in the floor. Without hesitation the paladin followed the ranger and rogue in a frantic flight towards the entrance. As the first light began to filter into the mine from the entrance, their hopes were dashed by a second explosion. Rocks, dust and debris completely blocked the passage ahead of them and started to rain down from above. One last thought flashed through each of their minds as they slipped into unconsciousness.

Bazdal: What happened to my brother?

Brandis: What happened to the others in the mine?

Cagan: How the fuck will we get the copper out now?

“They’re awake!”

Falsun and Juvaliah breathe a sigh of relief and step back to allow Valthrun to enter the room. Before any of the injured adventurers can say anything, Winterhaven’s sage holds up his hand and silences them.

“Don’t speak, and please don’t try to get up. It has been three days since you departed on your respective missions, and you all spent nearly another full day buried under the rubble of the mountain. Thanks to the dedication and skill of the miners here in Delvers we managed to successfully rescue… most of you. Falsun’s prayers and Juvaliah’s remedies have brought you back to us, but it will be a few days before you’ll be up and about.”

“Here is what we know so far; Kalarel completed the ritual to open the portal to the Shadowfell, and then two massive explosion tore through the Keep and the mountains it is built into. The subsequent concussion waves caused tremors and rockslides throughout much of the mountain range, burying many of you in the mines. As soon as you are able, Team 1 will take the portal back to Winterhaven, and then proceed to Shadowfell Keep by again travelling up the Shadow Trail. Our scouts have already dispatched several of Kalarel’s minions scattered along the Trail and confirmed that the Keep should be accessible with the help of a rock climber’s kit.”

“There is a bit more bad news I am afraid. While we were able to rescue you all from the mines, the same cannot be said for your gear. When you are ready to leave Delvers, head through the portal and go see Codrus, he will re-equip you. We both wish that we could offer you more assistance, but as you may imagine these are lean times for all of us. Your team may have team the superior crossbow and the 40 bolts that Quarion had stored with me.”

“Rest now, and please listen to Falsun and Juvaliah so you may recover as quickly as possible. I will be in Winterhaven if you have further need of me.”



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