Strange Alliance


Shuffle up and Deal Damage

All assignments are completed. Teammates in italics are linked by the Status ritual for 24 hours.

Shadowfell Keep Team

  • Eldon Jr – “Your legs are pieces of shit”
  • Mataron – still sad he had to kill so many dragons… eh, not so much.
  • Peanut – still Peanut
  • Brund – dwarf ranger

West Mine Team

  • Drew – human fighter
  • Benn – human paladin
  • Lucan – elf druid

North Mine Team – after extended rest

  • Cagan – massive damage, glass jaw
  • Brandis – human archer
  • Bazdal – dwarf paladin

Guard Duty

  • Mine Entrance
    • Biri – dragonborn fighter
    • Mikal – human cleric
  • Portal



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