Strange Alliance

Codrus' Orders

Team 2 arrives through the portal in Delvers and all of the Guard members gather in the Manor House. Codrus has ordered that the three teams, along with Brund and Bazdal, be deployed as follows:

  • 4 Guard Members are to be posted immediately at the West Mine and at the Stone Arch (open portal).
  • Within the hour a team of 3 is to head into the mine, clearing the first level as much as possible. The team headed to the Keep will follow shortly after, using Thoel’s information to find the passage through the mountain.
  • The lowest priority is the further exploration of the North Mine. The final 3 people can take an extended rest and then finish the job.

Valthrun has also sent along 3 ritual scrolls. The team headed to the Keep can take Detect Secret Doors and Seal Portal. There is also a Status scroll, which allows up to 8 participants to form a close bond for 24 hours. During the duration of the ritual, you know the current hp, healing surges, and the nature of any persistent conditions affecting every other person. A minimum of 1 member from each of the different assignments (guard, West Mine, Keep, North Mine) should participate in the ritual.

As an aside, if anyone wants to play with the character builder, I will let you pimp out any of the other Guard Members, but you may not change their race, class, or build (so their basic identity/role stays intact). You may give each of them level appropriate gear, and spend their gold on additional items. Please update this page if you decide to build a character. All Guard members in Delvers are lvl 4.

  • Team 2
    • Benn, Human Avenging Paladin
    • Biri, Dragonborn Guardian Fighter
    • Brandis, Human Archer Ranger – Barhight is building to take to Keep
    • Lucan, Elf Predator Druid
  • Team 5
    • Drew, Human Great Weapon Fighter
    • Mikal, Human Battle Cleric
    • Peren, Half-Elf Archer Ranger
    • Riardon, Eladrin Control Wizard
  • Dwarves
    • Bazdal, Protecting Paladin of Moradin
    • Brund, Cutthroat Rogue (required weapon: crossbow, required feat: speed loader)



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