Strange Alliance

Down here at the pawnshop . . .

Just remember that it's flesh and bone

M: Why didn’t you guys tell me from the start that there were 10 armed guards in the back??? I’ll admit, I should have looked on my own to know that the black market was set in an abandoned warehouse; but I didn’t know about the guards until the DM’s reminder.

Well, I started out friendly; however, to my chagrin, Wendy was quite the opposite. Perhaps he was offended because I thought he was a she. Anyways, after paying what sounded like a good price for the whetstones, I asked what he thought of the amethyst we got from the dragon’s hoard in the mine. Wendy and McDonald (imagine that – co-conspirators) took the gem to a table in the back and began to examine it. Cagan noticed them switch it out for a different stone. I demanded the stone; they demanded submission. (And he called me, a dragonborn, “boy,” – that’s so racist!!) It was all that I could do, as both a proud dragonborn and a martial fighter, to swallow my pride just enough to refrain from getting physical (which would have surely been the end of us). So, I put down my weapons as a sign of peace. Peanut did a great job diffusing the situation; and eventually discovered the gambling dwarf was willing to play cards for the real stone. After three rounds of “mounds of loot” (unless it has a name already), Peanut trumped the dwarf; and got a fair price for the real amethyst. I left. If I ever see that bitch-dwarf out without his guards, his ass is mine!



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