Strange Alliance

North Mine, part 1

In the North Mine, the copper coins & bars were missing. Cagan, Bazdal, and Brandis went deeper into the mine and found a trail of copper coins, a dead dragonborn, and a nasty-looking carrion crawler. Soon, a 2nd carrion crawler appeared, but there were two surviving dragonborn brigands to help in the fight.

After they were defeated, the brigands promised to show the group where the bulk of the copper was stashed if they could keep the little bit that was spilled on the ground. The group said yes, the dragonborn were good on their word, and then the heroes turned on them and attacked – they outnumbered the bloodied dragonborn 3 to 2.

There turned out to be a dragonborn soldier and sniper in an adjacent room, and the fight was a bit more fair. However, Cagan and company handled them fairly easily, locked the copper in the small room, and pushed deeper into the mine.

Upon emerging in the next area, they were attacked by Myconids.

  • Rotpriest: fought before, the “mage.”
  • Warden: new enemy, minion, explodes into dark spores when killed (total concealment), aura effect does damage and weakens.
  • Swarm: proving to be very nasty – spawns minions when hit! It also has a damaging aura effect and a rechargable ability that grants multiple attacks.

We ended mid-battle, but not before Bazdal did a sick close burst attack, racking up 12 damage to each swarm and killing 5 myconid spawns. Since its a single source of temp HP, Bazdal added 35 temp HP!

to be continued…



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