Strange Alliance

Pea-nut's Big Adventure (or Big Top Pea-nut)

Mine managers brother is missing (open mission) – Thoel doesn’t want to talk about it, Belgrim likely is working with the Duergar for reasons unknown. Need to get on Thoel’s good side so he can show us to the passageway to the Shadowkeep. We’re not going to get on his good side by talking to him (potential solution below).

Black Market – Cagan used some first-rate negotiating skills to give his painting, the orb of shadowy liquid we got from the slain kobolds, the dagger, and 450 gp for Boots of the Flying Monkey, or something like that. Barhight can tell us what those do, as he was as giddy about those boots as a girl on her first trip to DSW. Cagan offered to give Peanut the 250 gp he had left as he was the only person to benefit from the painting. Peanut let Cagan keep 100 of the gp, took 50gp for himself, and gave 50 gp to Mataron and EJ.

After Cagan spent 20 minutes negotiating with the human at the black market for his boots while ignoring the dwarf next to him, Peanut decided to talk to the dwarf. The dwarf knows Thoel and Belgrim and is certain Belgrim is working with the Duergar, but is not sure where he is. Peanut was hoping the dwarf named “Wendy” would be able to get us on Thoel’s good side, but he could not. He does have “Goodnight Tincture” which will knock Thoel out – the dwarf thought we could pretend that Thoel drank too much and we nursed him back to health. Peanut thought of another scenario that the DM figured would give us better bonuses for our skills checks. Peanut suggests having someone slip Thoel the potion, and having Cagan wear one of the black robes and kidnap Thoel from the bar (so people see him being kidnapped but no one knows who did it). Tie him up in the abandoned warehouse that is infested with rats – and then have the team save him. Maybe we can bring him into the warehouse with us while we kill shit – then he will see carnage as if we really saved him!

Because the dwarf was a betting man, Peanut offered him a game of chance for the potion (base gp = 150). We played Pig, a dice game, first to score 100. If Peanut lost, he would buy the potion for 125, if he won he got the potion for free. Peanut won! DM has assured that if we play the skill-challenge correctly, Thoel will become our friend. I think if we get him on our side, he can lead us to the shadowkeep passage without clearing out the entire mine. That way we can get to Kalarel in the shortest amount of time.

After the game, the dwarf mentions that there is a 50gp poker game in the bottom of the Rusty Kettle but to go to the dwarf if we want to get into some higher stakes games. (DM craftily working in the poker meta-game).

Outside of the black market, 2 of the other warehouses are completely abandoned, but one had sounds emanating. Peanut rolled a nature check, and with an 18 total learned there were some rats. It seems like DM has made it a bit of a treasure/XP room…

Sister Lenora gave Peanut two ritual scrolls: purify water and cure disease to give to Eldon Jr. If we are getting purify water, we will likely be wading through some skanky cave water sometime soon.

Cemetery appears to be a dead-end for now.

People with better diplomacy should talk to the dwarves that live in the hovels on the East side of town.

Watch Tower is currently not in use (maybe later?)

Juvaliah’s potion shop carries potions, ritual components, and rituals levels 1-5

Sidequest: Young dragon that took up residence in the North mine (but the only confirmed evidence is strange noises) – haven’t yet explored.


Re: poker in Delvers

If anyone wants to gamble in the Rusty Kettle for 50 gp, I have set up a Bluff, Insight, etc skill challenge. Poker would take 1-2 hours (in-game time, 15 or 20 minutes to actually play), depending how it played out.

If you want to play the higher-stakes game, that would be our Full-Tilt (or live) poker game.


Mataron doesn’t have good skill ratings for the mini-poker; but wants to try his chances in the grown-up version. Who else is in?


I would toss something else in so that everyone could play – additional skills like perception, history, nature, and maybe some sort of “luck” factor (outside of the dice rolls themselves).


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