Strange Alliance


RP before the Keep

  • Codrus told Peanut the mission details: We need you to explore as much of the Keep as you possibly can. We are not sure how much of it will still be accessible. Gather any information you can as to the fate of Kalarel and the status of the portal to the Shadowfell. There is no need for a map of the Keep, but I’d appreciate a full status report. For example, take note of things like the number of rooms accessible, the number of blocked hallways, condition of the outer fortifications, etc.
  • Codrus also warned Peanut that humans, goblins, and even orcs in Kalarel’s service have been discovered with the Shadow Curse Mark. Valthrun gave Peanut a journal containing his research on the curse, and asked that the team try to ascertain how Kalarel is employing it. Record any information you come across, including how affected individuals are changed.
  • Peanut asked about Valthrun’s rather ominous statement that “most” people were saved from the mines. The sage replied: “The paladin Bazdal used his body and warhammer to brace a clutch of rocks that threatened to crush Cagan and Brandis. While this did allow them the time to scramble to a safer place in the mine, Bazdal suffered tremendous internal damage. We were able to free him from the mines with the others, but he died a few hours later despite the best efforts of Falsun and Juvaliah.
  • Valthrun, Junaliah, and Sister Lenora will try to find additional supplies for the team before they depart.



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