Strange Alliance

West Mine

They're just lizards, right?

Quick summary of the journey through the West Mine to the Passage.

  • Bloodied Duergar Scout (crossbow) and Theurge (powerful area effect spells) were hiding behind the partial cave in near the entrance.
  • A group of Zairtails were encountered in the first of 2 pools of standing water.
    • Swarm – moved through enemies to attack, aura 1: free melee attack
    • Gazer – blast power that dazes
    • Acidtongue – spit acid at range
    • Cutter – capable of rolling through the party and attacking everyone, if not for Mataron.
    • Bonebreaker – Bites and grabs enemies

After defeating the zairtails, the team went north and heard coughing and sputtering. They also identified some slick and treacherous cave slime between them and the noise. Mataron, honor-bound and unafraid (possibly to the point of being foolhardy) walked onto the slick surface, fell on his back, and slid down the small incline. Then, suddenly, he stopped, seemingly stuck.

As it turns out, the dragonborn was engulfed by a gelatinous cube, which only became visible once it had trapped its prey. Peanut had no choice but to follow to help his comrade, while Brund sputtered curses and fired the occasional crossbow bolt. Luckily, both Peanut and Mataron were able to repeatedly escape the Cube after being engulfed, minimizing the 10 ongoing acid damage if they remained trapped.

After the Cube was defeated, some stellar nature checks revealed the remaining contents of the cavern.
  • The coughing & choking came from an unconscious (and eventually dead) Duergar miner, who died with an empty glass vial in his hands 10 feet from a medium-sized mushroom.
  • The mushroom was a yellow morel that Salvanna had requested, infested with phycomids. These parasitic fungi were the ones responsible for the large cloud of spored, and the death of the miner.
  • The south and west parts of this cavern were covered with cloudspore mushrooms. They released a harmless cloud of spores that obscured vision for around 5 minutes. Mixed into the patch of annoying fungi was a 2nd yellow morel.

Finally, the team made it to the door, and was confronted with a challenge: open the door before the DM makes a decent d100 roll and you have another fight on your hands. Thanks to Brund’s ability to read Dwarvish, Peanut’s extensive information gathering, and a bit of successful group-think, the passage door was opened and subsequently slammed shut in the face of 2 oncoming spined devils and their Duergar masters.



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