Codrus' second in command.


Quiet and often intimidating, she carries a mage’s longsword and wears well-maintained leather armor. It is clear she’s much more experienced than most Guard members.


- Doesn’t actually have a title or an assignment in the Guard. She has been at Codrus’ side for so long, such trappings seem unnecessary to both of them.

-Guarded Codrus’ door when Team 4 attempted to enter with news; relented only when Eldon showed her the ciphered note

-Grew up with Galinndan, the Tiefling in the slaughtered Team 3 (pictured with her, above). She gave him a ring when he first arrived in Winterhaven inscribed with “Safe travels – Atka”

-Assigned the level 2 members of Team 4 to help out the farming village south of WH. It was later revealed that the doppleganger issued this order while disguised as Atka to try and eliminate Team 4.


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