Winterhaven Border Guard Master.


His broken horn and lengthy scar on his snout indicate his long and tumultuous career with his sword and shield. Rumor has it that the diadem he wears on his head is one of the reasons he is so good at reading people’s true intentions.

Someone is usually playing the role of bouncer outside of his office in the Guard Hall, mostly because he doesn’t have the time to deal with trivial issues. He redirects many of the day-to-day decisions to Atka, Alek, and Quinn.


- Appointed Guard Master by Lord Padraig, handles all martial issues for the town

- Long-time friends with Atka, explicitly trusts his subcommanders Alek and Quinn, and often turns to the Guard’s highest level magic user Ellan for advice.

- Fought in the Drought Skirmishes which solidified his position as a qualifier leader and protector of Winterhaven.

- After carrying a longsword forged by Thair of Delver’s Dale into battle, he convinced the dwarf to open up a shop in Winterhaven and be the sole supplier for the Guard.

- Warned of an assassination attempt by Team 4. Interaction with Peanut after the altercation in the market square deepened his trust of the goliath.


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