Winterhaven's resident sage


Although he’s usually found across the table from his friend Eldrian, Valthrun lives in the top 2 floors of the tower just north of the Guard Hall.

He’s very talkative and friendly, and he’s the man to see if you have questions about the surrounding area, its history, or or anything arcane.


- Reported as missing several meals by Eldrian, he rarely left the tower once the bandits who attempted to rob the Inn were imprisoned there.

- Quarion overheard him talking to the prisoners, making it seem that he was in league with them.

- Once Quarion was freed from the tower, Valthrun was seen outside more frequently, usually with Ellan and Codrus. He helped to plan the deployment of the Guard Teams on the most recent batch of missions.

- After being discovered bound and gagged at the burial site, Valthrun told team 4 of his kidnapping, and the plans he overheard to empty Winterhaven to facilitate the murder of Codrus, and to send Team 5 to their deaths on their way to Delver’s Dale.


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