Goliath Tank Mofo


Rageblood Barbarian

Strength 20 Armor Class 17 Hit Points 50
Constitution 17 Fortitude 20 Speed 6
Dexterity 10 Reflex 14 Initiative +6
Intelligence 10 Will 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 12

Skills: Athletics (14), Endurance (9), Intimidate (8), Nature (5)

  • At Will
    • Devastating Strike
    • Recouperating Strike
  • Encounter
    • Combat Sprint
    • Blodletting
    • Hammer Fall
  • Daily
    • Bloodhunt Rage
  • Gear
    • Resounding Maul +2
    • Deathcut Hide Armor +1
    • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    • Amulet of Health +1

- Gives excellent inter-species backrubs

- Still dodging homosexuality rumors from a few drunken nights on the Plains. The backrubs do not help.

- Provides substantial cover for wussy, enemy-fearing gnomes.

- “Peanut” is not his god-given name. When he was in goliath grammar school, he changed his name from “Tiny Testicles.” It’s a good change… a good change. (In reference to Mataron not knowing Peanut’s full name)

- Peanut is anointed as a Warden of the Temple of Moradin. The true effects of this blessing may not be truly realized yet; however, because of the blessing and the inescapable maul he received from the fallen Bazdal, when he is first bloodied in an encounter he rolls 2d10 and receives that many temporary hit points.


Strange Alliance Peanut