Lord Padraig

Lord of Winterhaven


Padraig is a fairly amicable guy, usually approachable at the Inn during meal times unless the stress of his job is weighing him down. He lives in the manor house located behind the interior gate, next to the barracks.

He’s given Codrus complete control of the Border Guard, in part to lighten his own workload but largely due to the fact that Codrus does a far better job.


- Signet ring was stolen, and later found on the body of one of the thieves from the marketplace that Ellan caught.

- Quarion asserts that the doppleganger planted the ring along with a pendant of Orcus in order to free him after the marketplace brawl.

- After being offered by Ellan as evidence of the thieves’ guilt, the signet ring was returned to Lord Padraig.

Lord Padraig

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