Eldon Jr

Sweet-Tongued Singer


Level 4 Bard

Strength 13 Armor Class 16 Hit Points 37
Constitution 10 Fortitude 14 Speed 5
Dexterity 8 Reflex 17 Initiative +1
Intelligence 16 Will 19
Wisdom 13
Charisma 20

Wand of Psychic Ravaging +1, Goblin Totem Dagger +1,


Eldon Jr is the first son of the revered Sorcerer Eldon Thunderslapper, known more commonly throughout the realm as Eldon the Fertile.

Little is known about the childhood of Eldon Jr. His early years were both harmonious and uneventful in equal measure. The son of an adventurer, Eldon Jr was raised almost single-handedly by his mother, Remmilda, in the secluded village of Germerth, while his father heroically adventured for the good of the realm, and of course to put food on his family.

Everything changed however on the night of the fateful Orc raid on Germeth. Defenseless against their attackers, the women and young children of the village were brutally butchered. When inhabitants of the nearby town discovered the horrific massacre it became clear that the bodies of the smallest children were nowhere to be found, presumed kidnapped for who knows what sinister purpose by the Orc Raiders!

From this point forward nothing is known of the upbringing of Eldon Jr until, without prior word or warning, he appeared in the town of Winterhaven prompting an unlikely, but emotional reunion with his estranged father.

Codrus, swept up in the emotional reunion, still suffering PTSD from his near death experience, and overwhelmed by the herioc actions of Eldon Snr, immediately offered Eldon Snr the position of foreign emmissary. At this point Eldon Jr offered to fill the vacant spot on Team 4, and the rest is history.

To this day Eldon Jr’s childhood memories are hazy, fragmented puzzle pieces, filled with dark caves and blurry faceless companions. On more than one occasion, he has woken in the night, haunted by the images from a startlingly vivid dream, but are those dreams a past reality, or just the confused images of a tortured mind….. only time will tell!

Eldon Jr

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