Paladin of Moradin, Temple Guard in Delver's Dale


Protecting Paladin – Build by Barhight

  • At Will Powers
    • Holy Strike
    • Valiant Strike
  • Encounter Powers
    • Shielding Smite
    • Arcing Smite
  • Daily Powers
    • Paladin’s Judgement
    • Martyr’s Blessing
  • Feats
    • Initiate of the Faith (multiclass Cleric)
    • Combat Medic
    • Weapon Expertise (Hammer)
  • Gear
    • Level 3: Inescapable Warhammer +1
    • Level 3: Circlet of Second Chances
    • Level 4: Cloak of the Walking Wounded
    • Level 5: Battleforged Plate Armor
    • Heavy Shield, Throwing Hammer

  • Born and raised in Delver’s Dale, waiting for Moradin to show him his true purpose.
  • His brother, Brund, works in the mines and has been training with the crossbow.
  • Succumbed to injuries suffered when the North Mine collapsed.


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