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  • Team 4 Members

    * [[:47837 | Cagan]] * [[:42976 | Mataron]] * [[:42950 | Peanut]] * [[:44092 | Quarion]] - retired * [[:42970 | Eldon]] - retired

  • Team 5 Members

    Drew, Human Great Weapon Fighter, level 4 Mikal, Human Battle Cleric, level 4 Peren, Half-elf Archer Ranger level 4 Riardon, Eladrin Control Wizard level 4

  • Team 2 Members

    *Brandis, Human Archer Ranger, level 4* - Build by Barhight * +At Will Powers+ ** Twin Strike ** Nimble Strike ** Careful Attack ** Hunter's Quarry * +Encounter Powers+ ** Fox's Cunning ** Disruptive Strike ** Yield Ground * +Daily …

  • Atka

    - Doesn't actually have a title or an assignment in the Guard. She has been at Codrus' side for so long, such trappings seem unnecessary to both of them. -Guarded Codrus' door when Team 4 attempted to enter with news; relented only when Eldon showed …

  • Codrus

    - Appointed Guard Master by Lord Padraig, handles all martial issues for the town - Long-time friends with Atka, explicitly trusts his subcommanders Alek and Quinn, and often turns to the Guard's highest level magic user Ellan for advice. - Fought …

  • Alek and Quinn

    - Most often, these two can be found in the Guard Hall sparring, talking with team members, or conferring with Codrus. If not, they are several mugs deep at the Inn. - They are avid magic: The Gathering players. This joke is primarily for you Biggs, so …

  • Ellan

    - According to Quarion, when he was imprisoned in Valthrun's tower "Ellan" revealed himself to be a doppleganger posing as the Warlock (and more recently as Valthrun). - The real Ellan was killed by the doppleganger 9 months ago, and his body is …

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