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  • House Rules

    *Game Pace Proposals*
    * Enforce the "2 sentences" limit from the beginning of the session. * Use a timer of some sort to limit each player's time to make a decision. If time runs out, the player can use a default At-Will power selected beforehand …

  • Minor Characters

    * Delphina - sells wildflowers in the Market Place at Winterhaven, very knowledgable about the surrounding area * Raenen - [[:42947 | Thair's]] assistant, mans the stand in the Market Place and runs the shop while Thair is at the forge * Domask - …

  • Team 4 Members

    * [[:47837 | Cagan]] * [[:42976 | Mataron]] * [[:42950 | Peanut]] * [[:44092 | Quarion]] - retired * [[:42970 | Eldon]] - retired

  • The Shadow Curse Mark

    Afflicted: * Team 1 - entire body ** Artin (dwarf rogue) and Donn (human cleric) were physically taxed by the Remove Affliction ritual, but Sister Lenora was on hand to heal them. ** Chaedi (half-ranger) and Baern (dwarf sorcerer) were not as …

  • Level Appropriate Gear

    Each character may select (for free) * A simple or military weapon * Basic armor they are proficient with * One potion of healing * An adventurer's kit In addition, they start with the magic items and gold listed below. |=.*Level*|=.*Gold …

  • Item Repair

    Any broken item may be repaired by a qualified weaponsmith at a cost based upon the formula below. Depending on the situation, a smith may set the price above or below the base cost. *Base repair cost: (Item cost) x (item level) x (10%), maximum of 100 …

  • Team 5 Members

    Drew, Human Great Weapon Fighter, level 4 Mikal, Human Battle Cleric, level 4 Peren, Half-elf Archer Ranger level 4 Riardon, Eladrin Control Wizard level 4

  • Nentir Vale

    I could never get the map quite perfect, so I decided to use an existing map of the area surrounding Winterhaven. My next project is to add some of the places that you've gone, etc. !http://lh5.ggpht.com/_g9Ouys_a-5E/SlT3N5Klr7I/AAAAAAAASmA/sso4SHRyZpI …

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