North Mine Denizens

A lone Cave Bear had taken up residence in the the cave, and attacked the PCs after they tossed a sunrod into the opening to provide some light. Too bad the teeth on the bear (on the left) couldn’t make up for the black die producing uncharacteristic 3’s

After squeezing through the small opening in the back of the bear’s den, several Stirges attacked. They grab on and do ongoing damage, but Mataron shook them off just about every time to avoid too much dragon blood being consumed.

Several Myconids attacked the PCs as they went deeper into the cave. They seemed pretty aggressive, perhaps they were the original residents before the dragon moved in? Their spore burst attack was the most problematic.

One group of myconids had 2 rust monsters in tow. These creatures feed on metal, and if the DM had more time to prep the encounter, he would have remembered that any weapon that hits them also begins to rust. I’m beginning to think that you guys wait to confirm a D&D session just so I have to prep the night before/day of…

In one of the adjacent caverns, there was a large pile of refuse – debris, animal bones, fungus, broken weapons – with two large carrion crawlers looking for food.

Finally, Team 4 ran into the rumored dragon, bungled an attempt at diplomacy, and killed him quite dead. After dispatching a few Mataron wannabes guarding the hoard, there was time to rest and do the Scrooge McDuck thing in a pile of copper coins.

North Mine Denizens

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