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Report for Codrus

Codrus has requested details about the condition of the Keep.


If you are receiving this letter then Peanut really can throw the rock I tied it to further than expected! As you requested, we bring news of the Keep on the Shadowfell. I write this missive after a challenging but ultimately rewarding day of adventuring within the fragile walls of the Keep.

As expected, the explosion that ripped through the Keep has caused massive damage to both the interior and exterior. Each room we enter shows signs of the damage, with many doorways and passages completely blocked. The ramparts are inaccessible, and therefore, we have focused our search on the first floor. Some of the significant areas that we have searched so far are as follows:

The Torture Room – After dispensing with a number of cursed monsters (of which Peanut will provide more details), we discovered a friendly Goblin, Krunk, who was apparently the next victim of the grizzly experiments performed in the room. This room appears to be the source of a number of experiments relating to the curse, and as such will be pivotal to our investigation.

The Alchemists Room – Despite the presence of a number of treasure chests, our reward for battling the entrenched monsters was the gruesome discovery of vials filled with what appears to be blood, possibly cursed blood. A sample will be sent to you at the earliest possible opportunity. In addition to this, several vials of highly volatile liquid were discovered. Could these be related to the explosion? We will strive to answer this question as we explore more of the Keep, but the evidence seems compelling.

The Illusion Room – In this room an illusory floor was created as a trap to lure adventurers to the floor below. Despite falling for this magical trap (literally), we have yet to explore what lies below.

The Vortex Room – Another unlikely cohort of monsters greeted us in this room, further confirming Kalarel’s power to unite evil from all corners of the realm. Amongst these was a magical vortex of some description that proceeded to wreak havoc by pulling creatures indiscriminately in to it’s core.

We will report more as our exploration continues.

The Curse Mark

Valthrun loaned Peanut his notes on the Shadow Curse and has asked that the team collect as much information about the curse as possible.

The notes taken by the Strange Alliance have been recorded in the notes

Brund’s grief

After the loss of his brother Bazdal, Brund was all but inconsolable. He’s asked the team to search for his missing friend Ragnum Dourstone.

Ragnum Dourstone was found cursed in the Keep. After being subdued, he was shackled, tied up, and left in the Keep underneath a set of stairs. We will bring him back to Valthrun, Sister Lenora, Falsun and/or Juvaliah to hopefully remove the curse.

Open Sidequests

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