d6 roll Item Name Item Level
1 Flame Bracers Level 3
2 Flaying Gloves Level 4
3 Gloves of Agility Level 5
4 Sandals of Precise Stepping Level 6
5 Boots of the Fencing Master Level 7
6 Subtle Dagger +2 Level 8

Others: Boots of Stealth (lvl 3), Casque of Tactics (lvl 4), Iron Armbands of Power (lvl 6), Elven Cloak (lvl 7), Eye of Deception (lvl 8)

Lvl 9’s

  • Vampiric Weapon
  • Boots of Eagerness
  • Amulet of False Life
  • Helm of Battle
  • Laughing Death Armor

Full List (cut & paste from email)

Shadowflow weapon Lifedrinker weapon Boots of Striding Rogue’s Gloves Elven Cloak Belt of Vigor Displacer Armor Rat Form Armor Blackshroud Weapon Blade of Night Footpad’s Friend Bloodthirst Bracers Bracers of Rejuvenation Bracers of Respite Diamond Bracers Breach Bracers Flame Bracers Mindiron Vambraces Rapidstrike Bracers Trollhide Bracers Assassin’s Slippers Boots of Dancing Boots of Furious Speed Boots of Quickness Shadowsteppers Wallwalkers Flaying Gloves Dwarven Throwers Gloves of Agility Luckbender Gloves Parry Gauntlets Vampiric Gauntlets Casque of Tactics Crown of Eyes Dread Helm Eye of Deception Hat of Disguise Amulet of Elusive Prey Cape of the Mountebank Brooch of Vitality Collar of Recovery Cloak of Walking Wounded Evil Eye Fetish Baldic of Tactical Positioning Backbone Belt


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