The Empty Forge

Adrik is the Dwarf Druid that I am going to play when Chris takes his turn as the DM. I just wanted to give you guys an example of what you might write for a backstory.

Why backstories? Basically they are useful for me as a DM to make adventures more interesting and relevant. Did you leave your village with only your ancestral sword strapped to your hip, only to have it stolen from you? Maybe we run into someone you recognize from your past; there’s a cool sidequest already half-written with a sweet item waiting at the end.

Also, its a way for those of you who haven’t been the DM yet (or never want to) to have some creative input on the campaign. At some point, we can probably fold in every disparate backstory – even if it is only in sidequests. It also might give you an idea how to better play your character outside of trying to maximize stats and probabilities.

Anyways, this is obviously optional, just a way to add something to your character while we are away from the table. Without further ado, here’s Adrik Hammerflash.

Every damn time the snow falls, its the same thing. Stop. Sigh. The memories come.

How far must I wander from home before I can forget my brother? How long until the image of my mother – covered in wind-blown snow and glistening tears – fades away? How long until I stop hearing my father mutter “At least your brother knew the weight of a hammer in his hands” every time I tip a flagon of ale?

You’d think it wouldn’t matter anymore. Moradin, you tell us to contribute to the world… make something lasting, yeah? I build their cairns with my own hands, yet you let them haunt me still…

I fucking hate the snow.

The Empty Forge

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