The Half Breed

Cagan’s mother is a human who was raped during a raid by his orc father. His mother was able to escape alive and then gave birth to what she called a “monstrosity.” She didn’t feel that she could kill her only child, but she knew she could never raise him. So she sneakily took her newborn to the orc camp and left him in the middle of a clearing. One female orc took pity on the child and named him Urkarak.

Urkarak grew up as an outcast within his village, even his new “mother” abused him constantly. By the time he was 15, he had grown to hate all orcs. He honed his bluff skills trying to hide his true feelings, but alas he was unable to keep the fierce hatred inside him for any longer. Then on the night before his 16th birthday, he sneaked into the chieftain’s hut (whom he had learned was his biological father) and slit his throat. The chieftain’s oldest son had constantly teased and abused Urkarak, and he suffered the same fate as his father. Ukarak left a note pinned to the wall by a homemade dagger covered in blood. The note read:

Death to All Orcs


Now that he had given himself his new name of Cagan, he was on his own. He made his way in the world as a bounty hunter, utilizing his strength and stealth to subdue his targets. One night he found himself in a bar looking for a drink; he had grown accustomed to drinking heavily, being he was very lonely and lost in life. There, two humans began to taunt him and goad him about being such a monstrosity. He quickly grew tired of this and drew his dagger and put it to the throat of the larger one, and before Cagan knew it there was a dagger drawn on the other human, it was Quarion. Quarion had overheard the humans mocking Cagan, and he took offense. The rogues looked at each other, and Quarion winked at Cagan as he slit the human’s throat. Cagan smiled and did the same.

The two of them then became allies, and eventually even friends. They travelled the countryside together collecting bounties for anyone who would pay them, and along the way Quarion had many things to teach the younger rogue. Cagan learned the ways of stealth, thievery, and all other dastardly deeds. Quarion could easily see that Cagan was going to have his own slightly different (and more brutal) style, but they grew to complement each other.

Eventually Quarion said that he thought it was time for another adventure, but that he would let Cagan know when to come by. Quarion was very secretive about where he was going, and after his departure Cagan once again felt loneliness overwhelm him. He decided to follow Quarion, always remaining a few days behind him – following and keeping tabs on him as best he could. When Cagan reached the site of the bloody battle in the mountain pass, he could no longer keep his distance. He found his old friend in the Rusty Kettle and offered to wager on who bought the first round, liked they always used to.

At the end of a long conversation, Quarion finally told Cagan that he was too old for this shit, and he wanted to try and return to his homeland of the Drow. Quarion had already cleared it with Codrus that once they were in Delver’s his friend Cagan would take over for him. The Drow handed over his dagger and armor to sell, in hopes that the half-orc would find something more his own size and style.

Cagan gladly took on his new role on Team 4, and proceeded to try and steal something…

The Half Breed

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