The Shadow Curse Mark


  • Team 1 – entire body
    • Artin (dwarf rogue) and Donn (human cleric) were physically taxed by the Remove Affliction ritual, but Sister Lenora was on hand to heal them.
    • Chaedi (half-ranger) and Baern (dwarf sorcerer) were not as fortunate, sustaining critical damage during the attempt to rid them of the curse mark.
  • Quarion – fingers of R hand, Curse Mark attacks +5 vs Will
    • because Quarion had an opportunity to rest and heal before the ritual, and because his curse had not spread as far, more damage was done to his wallet than to him as he was freed from the Ring of Rage’s curse.

After stabilizing and subduing the members of Team 1, Valthrun enlisted the help of Sister Lenora to determine the nature and possible cure for the curse marks.

Valthrun’s basic research into curses revealed that they may be placed as a spell or ritual, or by an enchanted item. It is difficult to tell how Team 1 was afflicted, because like Quarion they may have originally possessed an enchanted item that no longer has physical form.

Judging by the small area the mark covers on Quarion, it is obvious that the curse mark can spread over time. Quarion does remember feeling a surge within him, like a rising malevolence, that he tried to force out of his mind. Valthrun concluded that by force of will alone, he managed to prevent the spread of the mark.

In Quarion’s case, every round of battle the mark attempts to control his actions, forcing him to attack the nearest target. When the mark has covered the entire body, it appears that all volition is lost.

Notes from the Keep

The Keep appears to be a breeding, or more appropriately cursing, ground for the curse. In the Keep we learned a lot from a little orc named Klunk, who we found tied up in a room with 4 cursed individuals (including Ramadan Whiskey Sourstone, or whatever his name is). Klunk told us he was the next one to be cursed. And, I believe, we found Klunk in what appeared to be a torture chamber complete with a torture rack and tools/implements. Maybe there is some procedure for cursing individuals, unconsenting individuals. In another room, we found 20 vials of blood which, I think, Klunk implicated as being part of the cursing ritual.

The cursed individuals we found were not all completely cursed, meaning we could see that only portions of their body were covered. It seemed to start from one of their arms or hands and slowly spread to their shoulder then head and body. We killed each of these creatures before they became completely possessed. We have kept Ramadan unconscious and will bring him back for testing. I do not recall if the curse had completely overtaken him.

We found other items of interest in the Keep that may or may not have anything to do with the curse. We found the Radix Orbis which we will bring back; a journal from an alchemist who worked with the Orbis, and some vials of an incredibly flammable orange liquid (which we think we have seen in Juvaliah’s potion shop).

There may be more notes from our travels to supplement this report. We were taking notes in between encounters.


  • Sister Lenora can perform the Delay Affliction ritual which, depending on how successful the ritual is, can remove all of the effects for a period of one day to up to two weeks. However, the components are expensive and the temple cannot afford to offer the service freely; it will cost 50 gp.
  • Valthrun has mastered the Remove Affliction ritual. It is physically taxing to the afflicted individual and can result in injury or in very rare cases, death. In this case, the component cost necessitates that Quarion provide 250 gp. Valthrun, Codrus, and Sister Lenora will be deciding at dawn what to do with the completely overwhelmed and injured Team 1; the cure may very well kill them.

The Shadow Curse Mark

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