Tychus Brohm

Shattered Keystone ~ 75% reassembled


Journal Pages – 8 Collected
non-sequential, numbered for convenience

1. Map of Hveen, drawn by Tychus Brohm

2. (Front) Sketch and map of Uraniborg.
(Back) Allax sends word that the cellars are stocked and all of the rooms are furnished. My main concern now is the completion of the connecting passage. I am eager to begin the construction, but the Project is still too sensitive for the others. “Allax knows. How? How much?” seems to have been added later.

3. (Front) Map of Stjerneborg, list of equipment: large armillae, zodiacal armillae, azimuthal quadrant, sextant. “Passage dug and reinforced. Still waiting for the keystone. Close crypt D to start the project?” added later.
(Back) Research suggests: SF orbits First Work (explaining the parallel nature of the worlds). FW orbits sun? Must be closest to First Work to explain # of open links to the Fey. Last Work must somehow orbit the sun but also pass by first work in order to allow connection. Also required to pass by the Shadowfell (yearly?) for Exodus. Detected 3 others, named Aberrent Works I, II, and III for now. Difficult to assess at this time. Stans tegor in solida, Ventus fremat, ignis and unda. The bottom of the page has a scratched out drawing resembling the keystone and the note “lengths of orbits do not allow”

4. (begins mid-sentence) ...royal patrons and as such bend their opinions to suit the will of their employers. To this point, me detractors have conceded the following. The gods created the First Work with the Astral Sea above and the Elemental Chaos below. The Shadowfell and the Feywild are not alternate planes, but sibling to the First Work. Souls of the dead pass from the First Work to the Shadowfell, but do not remain there. Of this last point I am most certain. Not only did He tell me it was so, but through the use of mystics, priests, and even portals it (continued on back) has also been verified independent of me. He has told me that my work will save this place. He has told me that my life’s work is virtuous, even holy. He has promised to reveal himself to me if I can complete the project. I hope I have the strength of body and mind to see it through.

5. (Front) The Keystone has been completed, and to look upon it brings tears to my eyes. In a week’s time I will travel to the temple of Avandra and meet with the enchanter who will help me to lay the stone in place. With the stone, the key, and the chosen words I believe the Project will be safe from all those who seek its ruin.
(Back) Hastily scribbled notes: Soul Death? -> or rebirth? RQ governs? Can parallax show anything? -> must confirm! Ask Allax when he will finish with the data.

6. Si vos peto scientia semita mos ostendo sum ipsum. Si ruina insisto vos ruina mos preeo vos pariter. Door Engraving “If you seek knowledge, the path will reveal itself. If destruction follows you, it will precede you as well.”

7. (Front) He has been true to his word, and I finally possess the Ord of Aescalchys. When I hold the Radix Orbis I can feel its strength enter me. It pushes me on, imploring me to complete the project, to discover the secrets of all the gods made. Although part of me wants it always on my person, I need to fashion some sort of stand to make my work more simple. Perhaps Allax knows a smith who can fit something to the Orb.
(Back) Radix Orbis, The Source Orb, The Orb of Aescalychus. Narro verus quod testis todus Speak true and witness all – Aescalchys the Seer There are several sketches of the Orb and stand, as well as the note “Is any First Work material non-activating for the stone? only gold. ha! It values not wealth.”

N.B. from Peanut. The back of this page shows that the gold orb we have found may actually be a carrying case for this Radix Orbis. The picture showed that twisting it will open the case and reveal the orb. I think we still exert extreme caution and not open it, since it looks like the person who is writing the pages went nuts. Maybe the orb propagates the curse? Maybe the madness is what a cursed person feels? Maybe the orb is unrelated to the madness and the curse, but I think the evidence gives me pause to want to wait for Valthrun’s advice.

8. (Front) “He Lies,” “Liar,” and “Lies” repeated, covering the page.
(Back) When I have moments of clarity, I can begin to sort out the events. Much of what he told me was true after all, but his motives proved to be the biggest fallacy of all. Now that I have found the way into the Far Realm, I am sure that he will attempt a passage soon. That done, he could rule the Last Work unopposed. After his failure in the Shadowfell the Queen would not expect a second offensive so soon. If the dominoes begin to fall, I could be the spark that leads to the world burning.

Tychus Brohm

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